Well, E-textiles aren’t my thing and neither is sewing. The first day we were using E-textiles, my goal was to just make a simple bookmark that would light up. Seems easy, right? Well for the first 30 minutes of trying to make my bookmark was spent just trying to thread the conductive thread through the needle. After finally being able… Read more →

3d printing/modeling

These pasts few weeks in my senior seminar course we worked with 3d modeling and 3d printing. At first we started working with tinkercad.com, a website where we could model something to print. The modeling was pretty difficult at first for a couple of reasons. One reason was that it was difficult to align yourself with 3d controls on a… Read more →

Making with Makey

This past week in our senior seminar we experimented with Makey Makeys. Our teacher briefly explained what a Makey Makey was, showed us a quick video, and then just told us to go and use the Makey Makey to make something better. I have to admit, I was a little frustrated and confused at first. How were we supposed to… Read more →

First Few Weeks update

The first few weeks of this senior seminar class have been a little crazy. We began the class watching a documentary on the Maker Movement and what it is all about. My classmates and I were all wowed to say the least. We had no idea that this movement was such a big thing! One thing that amazed me the… Read more →

First Post

Hi everyone. In this blog I will be writing about all the things I will be creating in my senior seminar class this semester. I haven’t created much in the past, but I look forward to making some awesome stuff this year. My grandfather is a great wood worker, so hopefully I have some of his talents and be a… Read more →